Denture Facts

Dentures Can Provide Many Benefits

denture-factsAs people age, they may begin to notice changes in their vision and/or hearing.  The sights and sounds in their daily lives may no longer be as crisp and clear to that which they were accustomed.  In order to regain or restore some of the pleasures that are perhaps affected by such changes, they will seek professional advice with respect to corrective lenses and/or hearing devices.

The same holds true for teeth – over time, some or all of your teeth may no longer function to the standards of your needs and personal satisfaction and therefore need to be removed.  In the same vein that many Canadians benefit from corrective lenses or hearing aids, it may be surprising to learn than an estimated 25% of adults in Canada wear either complete or partial dentures, and as a result, have perhaps given themselves the chance to experience an overall improvement in their quality of life as following:  

  • A return to eating the foods that they want/like
  • Greater confidence in social or formal gatherings
  • Smiling/laughing without fear of embarrassment

Different Types of Dentures

Well-constructed dentures should have a comfortable fit and feel, plus function as expected and give the look/appearance of natural teeth.  At Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic, we steadfastly adhere to delivering 100% patient satisfaction from all of these points of view.  When it is determined that a patient requires dentures, there are principally three options or types to be considered.

Precision Dentures

  • Constructed with the highest quality material and leading-edge technology
  • Manufacturing is comprised of several customized and intricate processes
    • creating a custom tray that fits precisely to the shape of your mouth
    • recording muscle movements for a more accurate and comfortable fit
    • measuring your habitual bite pattern through the use of wax impressions
    • incorporating the correct style of teeth for the shape of your mouth/face
    • ensuring that your new teeth are the right shade/match remaining teeth
  • A preliminary fitting is based on simulated movements of your mouth and jaw
    • simulation is achieved through a special measurement called a face-bow
  • Dentures are then trial-fit by setting the teeth in wax to assess fit and function
  • Upon final fitting, your customized dentures will fit and function impeccably
    • and have an appearance that very much resembles natural teeth

Immediate Dentures

  • Constructed from impressions taken while your natural teeth are still in your mouth
  • Placed in your mouth immediately after your teeth are extracted (same day/visit)
    • this allows for the presence of teeth while gums are healing post-extraction
  • Post-surgical follow-up includes a number of steps:
    • convalescence/recuperation time spent at home
    • a re-visit/check-up on the day after the procedure
    • use of cold packs over the first several days to help reduce swelling
  • These immediate dentures remain in place for several months
  • As swelling decreases, the oral tissues will start to recede as they heal
    • bone and gum tissue will probably continue to shrink for a few months
    • this will necessitate several repeat visits to insert temporary liners
  • After 12 months, you will receive either a permanent reline or new dentures
    • this is done to ensure the best fit and function moving forward

Standard Dentures

  • Constructed from a softer/more porous material that will probably erode faster
  • Manufacturing and fitting require fewer steps than the other two types of dentures
  • Standard dentures look less natural and are more readily identifiable as false teeth
  • Tooth surface is flat – food tends to be gnashed/mashed rather than bitten/chewed

If you require new or replacement dentures, you can rely on the expertise of the team from Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic to create your new teeth with optimal fit and function in the type of dentures that best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Call the professionals at Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic today at 403-995-0852 or contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your options.