Full Dentures

Restore Full Dental Function and Self-Esteem

full-denture-serviceYou might have seen a caricature, or maybe an actual photograph, of a person with sunken lips and cheeks and a protruding jaw – such an image is usually produced in an attempt to elicit some form of humour at the expense of an individual who does not have their natural teeth.  But it is seldom, if ever, a laughing matter for those people who actually experience this situation in their lives.

Natural teeth are essentially configured in the form of two horizontally-positioned arches.  In formal terminology, these are known as the maxillary arch and the mandibular arch – but they are most often just identified as the upper and lower arches respectively.  In addition to their major roles in eating, these arches play a part in maintaining the shape of the face.

Sometimes, whether for health-related motives or perhaps as a result of an accident, all of the natural teeth in either or both of these arches will need to be removed or extracted.

If a patient is missing these teeth/arches, it will have a negative impact on all of the following:

  • Biting and chewing
  • Speaking and smiling
  • Lower facial structure

In order to rectify these issues, full or complete dentures may be the solution.  Full dentures are removable dental appliances that replace all of the teeth in an upper and/or lower arch.  They are customized to fit snugly/securely over the gums and their manufacture can require several appointments over a number of weeks, depending on the type of dentures selected:


Precision Dentures

  • Made from the highest-quality material through state-of-the-art technology
  • Have the most extensive measurement, construction, and fitting processes
  • Aligned with jawbone to help simulate natural movement of the mouth/jaw
  • Appearance of these dentures most closely resembles that of natural teeth
Immediate Dentures

  • Impressions are made while the natural teeth are still in place in the mouth
  • Dentures are put in place on the same day that natural teeth are extracted
  • Allows patients to have new teeth while the gums are healing post-surgery
  • A permanent reline or new dentures will be needed after a 12-month period
Standard Dentures

  • Made from a softer or more permeable material – will likely not last as long
  • Less intricate manufacturing and fitting processes versus the other two types
  • These dentures appear less natural – more easily recognizable as false teeth

In addition to resolving the issues associated with missing teeth/arches as noted above, full or complete dentures can help to restore self-esteem and self-confidence.  Call the denture specialists at Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic today at 403-995-0852 or contact us to discuss your options for full upper and/or lower dentures.