Financing Your Dentures

Cost Should Not Deny the Benefits of Dentures

financing-your-denturesUnlike budgeting for monthly expenses such as mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, and car insurance premiums, people may not always have disposable funds available to pay for unexpected or substantial medical or dental bills.  Unfortunately, in such cases, they might choose to forego any treatments or procedures strictly on the basis that they do not have access to the money needed to cover these unanticipated costs.

The Onyx team firmly believes that cost should not be a deterrent or the inhibiting factor in any decisions pertaining to dentures or to dental care in general.  The need for dentures is usually predicated on the fact that there are issues with some/all of the natural teeth, and as such, individuals should not be denied the lifestyle benefits that can be derived through dentures solely due to a lack of immediate affordability.

To that end, our clinic can connect patients with an independent third party, iFinance, in an effort to explore payment options for their dentures that can ease financial pressure/worry.*

Finance the Cost of Treatment to Suit Your Budget

2015-05-28_1442It is virtually impossible to place a monetary or dollar value on the lifestyle benefits that can be realized from dentures that fit and function properly.  Therefore, it would be unfortunate to sacrifice some or all of these benefits based on the cost of treatment.

Through an iFinance dental financing plan, you can afford the dentures you want or need through a flexible and convenient payment schedule that best suits your monthly budgeting.

This plan offers several options or alternatives to pay for your dentures. These include:

  • financing the full amount of the treatment
  • financing only a portion of the total cost
  • no down payment or collateral required
  • repayment periods from six months to five years
  • equal monthly payments customized to your budget

Additional reference material, direct contact information, and application forms for iFinance dental financing plans are available through any member of the Onyx staff.

Do not let the potential cost prohibit or inhibit the benefits you can experience through new or replacement dentures.  Call the Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic in Okotoks today at 403-995-0852 or contact us to discuss treatment options and payment alternatives.

* Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic is not an agent for iFinance nor does the clinic or any staff member receive any form of remuneration or compensation from iFinance for dental financing applications distributed or approved.