An Affordable, Customized Smile for People of Any Age

Have you ever wondered how a movie star, news anchor, or other media celebrities are able to attain and maintain their beautiful smiles?  Such smiles can often be rather impressive, a bright white in colour and teeth with clean lines/alignment, often leading the general public to speculate whether any person’s teeth can actually be that perfect or, perhaps, real.

We may never know how much time, effort, and money might have been invested in order to achieve this so-called Hollywood smile, but suffice to say that celebrity has its privileges, and it would not be surprising if the final cost of such a makeover ran into the thousands of dollars.  However, such a significant expenditure would likely be well out of reach for most people, especially in light of managing their budgets for day-to-day staples and necessities.

But a recent breakthrough in dental research and ingenuity has led to the introduction of a product that will now let people have beautiful celebrity-like smiles at a fraction of the cost.  This patented product is Snap-On Smile, a removable device that is customized to snap on or fit right over your natural teeth – it offers an easy and painless alternative for individuals who want or need to have a great smile, without having to mortgage their house or farm to secure the financing. 

Snap-On Smile is a truly novel cosmetic solution with fundamental properties that include:

  • The appearance of natural teeth
  • A base made from hi-tech dental resin
  • Thin but extremely resilient composition
  • Relatively minimal care and maintenance
  • Applicable to both upper and lower arches
  • Available as a temporary or permanent solution

Snap-On Smile can provide an affordable option to people of virtually any age, and can be obtained from licensed dental professionals around the world, including Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic in Okotoks, Alberta.

Snap-On Smile Offers Several Personal and Aesthetic Benefits

In contrast to more complex and invasive dental techniques, the Snap-On Smile process is relatively straightforward and essentially painless.  With Snap-On Smile, there is no dental drilling nor any injections or freezing, and no changes to your current tooth structure; your new smile simply snaps on over your natural teeth.  The entire process is comprised of just these basic steps:

  • Choosing the style and colour of a new smile
  • Having an impression made of your natural teeth
  • A follow-up visit approximately three weeks later
  • Going home with your Snap-On Smile in place

This process offers a number of options and advantages based on patient needs, such as:

  • Concealing any misaligned, stained or missing teeth
  • Covering any visible chips or gaps in teeth structure
  • Offering an alternative to bridges or dental implants
  • Providing an upgrade to removable partial dentures
  • Eliminating the pain/discomfort of invasive measures
  • Re-establishing self-esteem/self-confidence in smiling
  • The capacity to eat and drink confidently while in use

Since its introduction, Snap-On Smile has been a popular and effective option/solution for thousands of users worldwide.  If you are intrigued to learn more about Snap-On Smile, or would like to move forward with a fitting for this product, call Onyx Denture and Implant Clinic at 403-995-0852 or contact us to schedule your consultation today.


  1. Dion

    Have to say that this place has to be the best most professional teeth I have ever had. Every person I interact with comments how beautiful my smile is. I need to thank the staff here for giving me my smile back. Also renewing my faith in the denture industry. Always treated with respect and made to feel that I was a valued customer and friend.

    Thank you Onyx and your staff…….

  2. I’d
    Like to send out a huge thank you to both Dr. Dagmar and her receptionist, Jen! Over the past 12 months I’ve been getting upper implants done and Dr. D. is nothing short of amazing due to the following reasons:
    1. She is a perfectionist which makes her the best.
    2. She appreciated my sick sense of humour.
    3. My teeth look amazing and I’ve had many compliments thanks to her and Jen.
    Again…..many many thanks to you both!

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